A Fresh Chapter: Kedron Valley Inn Featured in Seven Days Vermont!

A Fresh Chapter: Kedron Valley Inn Featured in Seven Days Vermont!

Apr 17, 2024simran johnston
We are excited to share with you all that Kedron Valley Inn has been featured in an insightful article by Seven Days Vermont, which delves into the rejuvenation and new chapter of South Woodstock, largely influenced by our family's efforts and vision.

Titled "A Single Family Remakes the Image of South Woodstock," the article explores the transformative impact we’ve aimed to instill in this quaint Vermont community. Seven Days Vermont sheds light on how our family, with a deep love for this region’s heritage and potential, has been pivotal in revitalizing the area, making it a vibrant hub for locals and visitors alike.

"It’s more than just business; it’s about creating a community space that honors its roots while looking forward to a sustainable future," one of the highlights of the article reads. We are proud of the changes and truly humbled by the recognition of our efforts.

Though tempted to share every detail, I encourage you to read the full article to grasp the breadth of our aspirations and achievements. This piece not only captures the essence of our ongoing journey at Kedron Valley Inn but also highlights the collective spirit of South Woodstock.

As we continue to write this chapter, we are grateful for the support from our community and guests. Your enthusiasm and encouragement fuel our commitment to making South Woodstock a cherished destination.

Read the full article here

Join us at Kedron Valley Inn to experience firsthand the charm and renewed energy we're bringing to this beautiful part of Vermont. Whether you're returning or visiting for the first time, we can't wait to welcome you into this story of renewal and community.

Warmest regards,

Kedron Valley Inn

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